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Aslan Electrical, Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Refrigeration & Sheet Metal Services Ltd. has been the household name in Vernon, BC, for over 38 years. Our commitment to quality has always been at the forefront of everything we do, and this is evident in our use of Bryant products, known for their exceptional quality. 

As part of our comprehensive range of services, we offer top-of-the-line line locating assistance to our residential, commercial, and industrial clients. 

Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with advanced line locating tools and techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results. Using state-of-the-art electronic tracing equipment, we can detect any underground utilities such as water mains, gas lines, power cables, and fiber optic cables, among others. Once we have established the exact location of these utilities, we mark them with colored flags to prevent any damage that could cause safety hazards and long-term financial consequences.

Our line locating services are especially important for construction and remodeling projects. By accurately locating underground services, we can identify areas where excavation and drilling can be done safely and efficiently without causing damage to existing utilities. This saves our clients unnecessary repair costs and potential legal liabilities.

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At Aslan Services LTD., we understand the importance of timely service delivery and meeting set deadlines for projects. That is why we have a team of technicians on standby to ensure that our clients receive prompt and efficient line locating services. We provide our clients with accurate project timelines and milestones and work collaboratively with other contractors to avoid any delays. 

We also prioritize client satisfaction in every service we provide. Our team is friendly, professional, and respectful in all our engagements with clients. We welcome clients’ questions, comments, and concerns and provide clear and concise answers to ensure that they are informed and comfortable with our line locating procedures.

In summary, Aslan Services LTD. provides top-of-the-line line locating services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Vernon, BC, and the surrounding areas. By using advanced line locating tools and state-of-the-art electronic tracing equipment, we ensure accurate and reliable results, which prevents any damage to existing underground services. 

Our commitment to timely service delivery, professionalism, and clients’ satisfaction are unmatched and what sets us apart from other service providers. 

Contact us for your line locating needs and let us help you achieve a safe and efficient project!